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browning blr steel vs aluminum

browning blr steel vs aluminum

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Apr 14,2017·Steel carries the parts for the AR platform in every caliber which is offered and they hold up for more rounds use than the average BLR will ever see.Browning was actually very conservative and came to the use of aluminum for the BLR late in the game.Sheet metal does the same thing for the AK and variants and Polymer frame pistols are universal. results for this questionHow accurate is the Browning brlr?How accurate is the Browning brlr?The Browning BLR is a very dependable,accurate and easy to operate lever action rifle.If there is a second draw back,it is the availability of early BLR magazines and the cost associated with any extra BLR magazine.I am very surprised that no outside company has picked up on producing the early model magazines (pre-81).The Browning Lever Action Rifle (BLR) By Bruce Hamlin results for this questionHow does the Browning BLR lightweight stainless takedown work?How does the Browning BLR lightweight stainless takedown work?A look back at the idiosyncratic and effective Browning BLR Lightweight 81 Stainless Takedown.Locks up much like a bolt-action with a rotating bolt head.Utilizes a rack-and-pinion system,which makes for very smooth operation.Side ejecting,making it function flawlessly with a scope.Is There A Better Browning BLR Than The - Gun Reviews

results for this questionWhat kind of aluminum does the Browning 81 use?What kind of aluminum does the Browning 81 use?For the Lightweight 81 Stainless Takedowns receiver,Browning has used a good,strong aluminum alloy,which not only reduces weight but also balances the rifle very nicely.Yes,I said,aluminumbut not as in cheap,flimsy soda-can aluminum.Is There A Better Browning BLR Than The - Gun ReviewsA Sub-MOA Takedown .30-06 Lever Action? The Browning

SpecsThe Setupat The BenchOpinions,Observations and Other Thoughts Chambering .30-06 Springfield (tested)Barrel 22 inchesOA Length 43.0 inchesWeight 7 lbs,4 oz.American Rifleman Browning BLR 81 Stainless TakedownNov 22,2010·We opted to evaluate the BLR Lightweight 81 Takedown in .308 Win.The BLR 81s newer design lends itself well to a takedown mechanism,and Browning heeded the call for such a

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BLR Lever-Action Rifles.Short Action.Long Action.Ready for Any Action.As a rule,lever-action aficionados have always had to trade away power and accuracy for quick handling and easy carrying.With the Browning BLR those compromises are a thing of the past.The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver BLR Lightweight with Pistol Grip - browningThe pistol grip BLR stock is contoured for maximum comfort and the flared Schnabel fore-end tip adds a classic touch of style.The BLRs stock has a deep,glossy finish that brings out every nuance of the woods warm color and grain.The well-formed recoil pad helps reduce felt recoil and flinching.Steel sling swivel studs are pre Browning BLR Pro/Con The High RoadSep 05,2017·Mine is the twin of nature boys.(BLR '81,steel reciever,.358).Accuracy was mediocre till I tried Ken Waters Pet Load using H4895 and seated the bullets out as far as the magazine allowed.I also removed the abomination of a recoil pad.Fitted a Boyd's 1/2 rubber pad.With a Leupold 2.5-8x Vari-XIII it's handy and fits much better.

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Nov 30,2013·Although I grouse about losing my first,1973-all-steel-made-in-Belgium BLR,there's absolutely nothing wrong with my 2013-made-in-Japan-with-an-aluminum-receiver BLR.I'm an engineer,and if Browning did the math and determined that aluminum will work just fine,I'm happy with that.Browning BLR's steel or aluminum receiver?Aug 08,2015·589.My early model is steel,but based on Browning quality,that aluminum model will be fine for many generations to come.On the other hand,if you like the steel model,what's to think about,get what you like.07-25-2015,07:54 PM #8.Ramjet-SS.Classic Browning BLR Review The Hunting Gear GuyClassic Browning BLR Review.The Browing BLR enjoys a great following in some circles.On paper,its clearly the most advanced lever action rifle on the market.The rack based operates more smoothly than a typical Win 94,and the bolt locks up solid enough to fire powerful cartridges.The detachable magazine is faster to load than a tube

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The BLR and Long Ranger receivers are made of aircraft grade aluminum,which strong enough to securely house the bolt,lever,hammer and trigger module.The point is,although the bolt is heavier than the bolt in a Marlin or Winchester,the aluminum receiver is considerably lighter than a steel receiver.Considering a Browning BLR The High RoadDec 31,2012·IIRR the BLR has a 30-degree lever throw as opposed to the 90-degree throw on other models.And the aluminum receiver has a steel insert for the locking lugs.I really toyed with the idea of a BLR in 358 Win and trying cast pistol bullets for cheap practice.mbopp,Dec 31,2012.#21.Early BLR Vs BLR 81,both steel..differences? Graybeard Nov 14,2008·Browning Firearms.Early BLR Vs BLR 81,both steel..differences? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts.S.Savorino Registered.Joined Apr 18,2004 129 Posts .Discussion Starter #1 Mar 18,2008.About to pick up an early BLR How do they compare to the BLR 81?

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May 21,2006·The older ones had a steel reciever and bolt,the newer ones are made out of high strength aluminium or what browning calls aircraft grade alloy.Older ones are called BLR 81,Newer ones are called BLR LIGHTWEIGHT 81.From what I've read the triggers are about the same.Six pounds,with a little creep,but adequate in my opinion.Is There A Better Browning BLR Than The Lightweight '81 Browning BLR PRE-'81 calibersJan 14,2013See more resultsPeople also askIs the Browning BLR the same as a bolt gun?Is the Browning BLR the same as a bolt gun?Because of its lack of a tubular magazine,the Browning BLR is not limited to round- or flat-nosed bullets.This is yet another reason this design is often referred to as a bolt rifle operated by a lever, and the BLR has nearly the same hunting potential as the bolt guns.Is There A Better Browning BLR Than The - Gun ReviewsSavage 99 vs Winchester 88 or Blr 81 ? - Graybeard OutdoorsMay 25,2009Thoughts on the Browning BLR in 358 Win.Graybeard OutdoorsOct 04,2005BLR vs 81 vs 81L - Graybeard OutdoorsMay 27,2004Graybeard Outdoors - Early BLR Vs BLR 81,both steel See more resultsBrowning BLR - Paco Kelly's LevergunsAug 06,2011·I mentioned previously my Browning BLR takedown had a long pull length.It's 14 7/8.My pre-64 model 70 Win is 14 1/2 and my model 64 Win is 14 1/4.That's a lot of difference in pull length and a difference that could mess you up in a tight spot.Especially with this gun's rubber recoil pad wanting to hang-up on my clothes as I shoulder it.

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Jul 07,2020·While most lever-actions are fed by internal magazines,the Browning BLR made magazine-fed lever guns a legit contender.With a five-round detachable box magazine,the BLR made it safe and easy to